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We reached the end of the second year since the appearance of Covid in our lives with constant monetary stimulation by the world central banks trying to prevent the system from collapsing due to the lack of adaptation to the current health crisis and of course for now it seems that it has worked quite well despite the considerable increase in inflation, more than double the usual than in other years, which although they insist that it is something transitory, the reality is that unless they really start with the "Tapering" or whatever it is the same to reduce the exaggerated injection of money into the economy will probably continue to rise without stopping...
The big drawback is that without the stimulus that we had until now, it would translate into a shake in the markets that, added to the rise in interest, everything points to another economic crisis that, on the other hand, would benefit; gold, silver, platinum and Bitcoin among others, it is well known that they perform quite well in these scenarios, although from the outset they could have slight corrections in their price.
Our recommendation is clear today; have liquidity, closely monitor equities, have a part invested in gold, a little bit in Bitcoin and wait for all these processes to be triggered sequentially next year.
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