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Sell Gold Eixample

Sell Jewelry in Barcelona

Are you looking to get rid of your jewelry that you no longer use? Are you looking to obtain a generous sum of money for the sale of these pieces of jewelry? At Calabria Oro we offer to all our clients the possibility of obtaining a huge amount of money quickly, safely and easily at the best price.

Why Calabria Oro? We've been in the market for 10 years continuosly adapting to the monetary needs of individuals... And for this reason we believe that a total transparency with you is necessary... Here we'll clarify what you must take into account answering the most frequent questions;

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How are my gold pieces valued?

First of all it is necessary to know the percentage of gold that the pieces have and the overall weight of them, and then separate those that would have sale outlet to be able to pay as much as possible for all of them.

Do you buy all kinds of gold and silver pieces?

Yes, we buy gold and silver and even platinum regardless of state.

What do I need to sell my gold pieces?

The only essential thing is that you identify with your ID, NIE or Passport.

How is the right value of my jewelry known?

To know the fair value of your jewelry it is necessary to look at them in our store with different methods of analysis, although at a distance we could give an approximate if you send us photographs and indicate the total weight.

How do I know the purity of my jewelry?

There are some jewels that directly indicate three-digit enumerations that refer to the thousandths or percentage of purity whether gold, silver or platinum. Without them, you can hardly recognize their quality without us.

Do I need any documents to sell my jewelry?

Yes, we highlight it... ID / NIE / Passport any of them it’s fine.

How is the price of gold value measured?

The value of gold, silver or platinum is determined through the official London quote that you can check out for yourself on the internet or even on our website. Then you have to identify the purity and quantity of the items that are intended to be sold, then discount intermediaries and taxes. Most companies don't put real prices on their websites.

Sell Gold Barcelona

Frequently asked questions about the sale of your jewelry

  1. Do you want to know the value of your products? Come directly to our store to receive a free assessment and without any purchase commitment, we will explain you why we’ll pay more than anyone and in the case we couldn’t… At least we would offer you second options... 
  2. Is it possible to rate price at a distance? We can effectively give you prices by phone call, email or What’s App without any problem, we would just need a couple of references that we would request. 
  3. The price of my products how much it can oscillat? Mostly all the products we are dealing with are subject to quotations that determine their price at a certain time... Today may be worth more and tomorrow may be worth less... For this reason, we offer you the possibility of speculating with the value of the same through our knowledge.
  4. Do you also make arrangements? Yes we fix broken pieces! Sometimes free or otherwise at a very low cost... We are aware that in some situations you have the intention to sell your jewelry because it’s broken due to fixing it could be too expensive... We’ll resolve it!
  5. Can I recover the jewelry I have sold? Yes you can, you should only specify it in our store and we’d explain how to recover them back.




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