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Sell gemstones in Barcelona

Do you intend to sell Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies or Emeralds? We buy them at a great price, thanks to having direct contact with Amberes, the city of diamonds. No matter if they come single or set in a jewel, they would interest us equally, but in the case of Sapphires, Rubies or Emeralds the minimum size have to be 3ct.

Regarding semi precious stones such as marine waters, topazes, amethysts, etc. We would only buy them if they are set in a jewel.

We recommend that you read the following points to have an agile and fast assessment depending on whether you have in your possession certificate or references, what is the carat size and how many stones you have...

What precious stones can I sell?

We mainly buy Diamonds of minimum 0'03ct. Although also Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds greater than 3'00ct of good quality.

Can I sell my diamond jewelry in Calabria Gold?

Yes, we don't just buy the metal, we buy its stones too as long as they're not commercial. We'd tell you this after we analyzed them.

How do you value the gemstones?

We rate gemstones through our gemologist by adjusting the price for the benefit of the customer, for this it is necessary to make an appointment or leave them in deposit.

How do you know if my diamonds are real?

We have a device that indicates whether or not they are real diamonds performing such analysis in front of the customer without obligation. Recognizing it on your own means would be complicated.

Do I need any kind of document?

You only need to identify yourself with your ID, NIE or Passport.

Which gemstones have the most value?

The stones of greater value and easy marketing are undoubtedly diamonds.

How do I know the price of my jewellery with gemstones?

Gemstone jewelry has no easy way to know its price without the appraisal of an expert, we offer to analyze them for you.

Sell diamonds, rubies and sapphires in Barcelona

Common procedure on the sale of gemstones in Barcelona

Do you want to know how valuable your stones are before coming to the store?

Many customers think that just by saying that they have a certain type of stone without any technical reference we can give price and the truth is that it’s impossible... No matter what store you contact they won’t be able to give you a price... 

2. And if I have a certificate or technical references can you give me a price?

Indeed we can give you a price scale if you provide us with enough data, although this will be approximate, since the impurities of the stones must be seen at the time of sale.

3. Do you give the assessment in store at the moment?

It depends... If they are stones of 0,50ct in the case of diamonds and 2,50ct for sapphires, rubies or emeralds it would be at the moment. If they were smaller we could delay to a couple of days. The delay is because we pay the best posible, sometimes reasking our money...




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