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Already in January we can put a few cards on the table so that you as a reader and holder of gold in jewelry, watches, bullion and coins could be aware of what the gold situation is at the beginning of 2020 and then make better decisions or if on the contrary you intend to buy it as a refuge value.
First of all highlight the increase in the price that has been during this last month that making round numbers has gone from 44,000 €/kg to 46,000 €/kg, which translates into two points, which coincidentally is also linked to two main factors that have led to this rise... Basically the armed conflict between the United States and Iran and of course... The Chinese Coronavirus pandemic that today the world seems to have doubts about its global gravity...
What will happen next? Nobody has a crystal ball, but one thing is clear... Gold is currently very expensive, so our personal recommendation is that if you intend to sell it, don't be greedy... Remind you that in 2012 gold had a similar price and in a few days it lost a third part of its value... Now the forecast is that it continues to rise taking into account that the global economy undoubtedly needs a price correction in all the world's stock exchanges that would directly affect the metal. Any ways, you are the one with the last word, we only inform you. Regarding those who had planned to buy gold, it may be some how a little bit late if the purpose is not to take refuge in it, if not to obtain some profitability... Gold is better to acquire it in times of surplus, not recession, when it’s cheaper...
On the other hand, It’s also of your concern to know that this year a new tax is applied to the stores that buy and sell gold in Spain, having an impact on the current price... The reality is that little by little there will be a price correction throughout this year.
Even so, if you are determined to wait and sell when gold is best valued, we have an alert system that would avoid the inconvenience of being aware of the current news to know when to sell... Just call us to provide your contact and without any commitment we would notify you as soon as the price of gold reached the desired price.


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