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A stimulus package worth 1'9 Billion dollars has been approved in the United States, pushing its stock markets to all-time highs, as has also happened in the Euro zone. On the contrary, China, having had a good 2020, has had a bad entry into the year due to the rise in interest rates, although the oratory forecast of world leaders is that we are on the way to a clear economic recovery after the appearance of the Coronavirus vaccines...
We continue to believe that the entire conglomerate of Fiat money that floods the entire economy is creaking. Most of that money ends up in the stock market both by institutions and by individuals who, thanks to credit aids and postponement of various payments, end up inflating the bubble even more, reaching a point where it is normal to question whether one day everything will burst or not. What is certain is that the last crisis of 2008 had a stock market recovery practically in the period between six months and a year. In 2020 it can be said that practically the same thing happened, which is called a “V” recovery because it goes down very fast and goes up very fast. Governments seem to have the handle of the frying pan very controlled since they found that printing banknotes without a real backing of value as gold years ago solves macroeconomic problems significantly quickly.
So keeping in mind all of the above...
For what reason do we see a clear deterioration in the quality of life of most people?
The only logical explanation is what has been said so much in recent years and it is basically that the money ends up in the hands of a few while the rest fight for the surplus. In addition to being continually exposed to job losses, rising inflation and increasingly noticeable loss of purchasing power...
Without lengthening any further, we emphasize that under the means you have at your disposal, avoid getting into debt, be a possessor of gold, silver, platinum, as well as have crypto currencies that serve as a refuge value to prevent it from affecting your savings in the long run... Do not allow them to silently steal your money little by little... This is not something that is noticed overnight, it shows with the passing of time that forces you to lower your lifestyle...
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