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Like super markets or clothing stores, each one establishes its base prices based on common parameters such as the respective prices of raw materials. In our case it would be gold, silver or platinum, but other elements that also have an influence must be taken into account, basically classified between internal and external to the company, which we will differentiate in the following points:
  • Internal to the company: Factors such as store location, number of employees, resources used in marketing and business relationships could be considered the most important. Contrary to what a large majority might believe that they would gain from large companies, the reality is that the cost infrastructure they have to bear is much higher and knowing that the main source of income comes from customers, they are going to charged when dealing with them. On the other hand, there is the other pole, the humble business outside the city centers that, although they have low fixed costs such as the rent of the store, are likely to have a lower volume of customers, which forces them to have to increase the margins of profit on each of the transactions to make it profitable for them. In the end, there are many types of companies and it is a matter of valuing companies for neither too much nor too little. At least in the jewelry sector we have verified this when comparing prices and conditions.
  • External to the company: Mainly there would be one and it would be you as a client, how much the company is going to earn thanks to having you as a client is what you have to take into account. Your power of negotiation and obtaining better conditions of purchase, sale or pawn with respect to other clients will be based on the volume of income that you will provide to the company. For this reason, if you want to buy or sell a little, do not worry about which company will treat you better because it will not compensate you for investing your time in finding the best one, since the difference in your favor will probably be minimal in most cases, but if you want to buy or sell a lot, you have to know that the companies are the ones that would fight to retain you as a customer. That's why it's not surprising that they tell you “If you get a better deal, let us know and we'll beat it...
From Calabria Oro we recommend that you contact us for more information, if we reveal these points it is because we trust in providing the best services in Barcelona and that is how we would like to prove it to you.
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