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First of all, before delving into the types of jewelry that exist, it would be essential to highlight that the most typical gold format in the world is indisputably the 24k or 999 thousandth gold compound, the equivalent of maximum purity. This purity is rarely applied to jewelry and rarely coins or medals. The latter, as a general rule, are usually 21.6k gold or 900 thousandths, the equivalent of a purity of 90%. Years ago they were used to buy expensive things and, on the contrary, silver or copper coins were used for day-to-day transactions.
Once we have clarified which gold is used worldwide and was used as a way of accumulating wealth or investment, we can now indicate the type of gold most typically used in jewelry depending on the geographical area:


  • European countries: the gold that we use, like our sister countries, is what we call gold of law or what is the same gold of 18k or 750 thousandths, the main reason is because gold is one of the softest metals that there is and to give durability to our jewels the fact that they are 75% gold allows the remaining 25% to be added harder and more resistant metals. On the other hand, perhaps Greece does use lower grade gold more frequently, specifically 14k gold or 585 thousandths.


  • Asian and African countries: the gold they normally use is usually 22k or 916 thousandths, it is easily recognizable and differentiated from that normally used in the West because it is really very yellow. Its brilliance is so great that, being used to lower purities, it could even give us the sensation of looking at costume jewellery, when really its jewels have more gold than ours and it should not surprise us since the largest number of mines in the world are there.


  • American countries: it is probably where there are more varieties of purities in jewelry, since they usually use 18k or 750 thousandths, but also lower grades such as 14k or 585 thousandths and 9k or 375 thousandths. This is probably due to the divergence of wealth and poverty among member countries.


  • Russia and neighboring countries: they typically use 14k or 585 thousandth gold and we have not been able to find out exactly why, although we believe it could be due to having a communist ideological history and thus giving greater access to the purchase of gold jewelry to their habitants.




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