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Before reading this article, we recommend reading the previous one called "Basel Treaty III", but putting it in context... This treaty that is already signed and pending execution a progressive rise in gold was expected from August of this year, but it has not been like that because the execution has been postponed to January of the next one by the Banks of England linked to the gold belonging, since obviously they are not interested at all because they will take away a large part of the manipulation capacity they had of this precious metal motivated by their own interests.

So... What are the interests of these banks right now? Well, currently they want to buy cheap because once the respective treaty is executed they will need to have the gold physically and not the paper (or virtual) gold as they had until now in order to maintain the volume of their financial infrastructures.

For this reason, gold is not currently rising but rather is stable with continuous attempts at downward corrections, but best of all, global buyers have realized the strategy that English banks are trying to reduce the price as much as possible and it is not being left to them... The market is making it very difficult for the price to drop...

Dear reader, this is very good news for now, given that the price of gold is still high despite trying to lower it and the forecast is that it will continue with its upward trend shortly...

Is it a good time to sell now? Certainly yes, as we are still at record highs… Should I keep my gold? It is also a good option since its value will continue to increase even if there are slight corrections... So what should I do? Depending on your personal situation, buy or sell in portions during the rest of the year, if you want to know what will benefit you more in your particular case, call us and we will inform you.

A cordial greeting!


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