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We return to the load extending the previous article a little more being more specific this time, but not without first briefly reviewing the previous one... As we already said, the price varies with respect to the "Official Quote Price" for the different "Intermediaries" that exist, which inevitably commission for you to buy or sell and as well they apply a "Tax" called ITP at the time of the transaction. On the other hand, your bargaining power as a customer will increase the more you want to buy or sell and finally, be very careful where you decide to do it because prices vary from store to store.
Now we will develop the technical part, but we will stick to the most important thing, distinguishing between the different types of items that are usually bought and sold.
1.- Gold: The most common gold is usually of jewelry and this are as general rule of 18k or 750m in the West which is the equivalent of 70-75% gold, then we find coins or dental covers that are usually 22k or 916m the equivalent of 85-95% of gold and finally bars that should be sealed being 24k or 999m being 99% pure. Knowing this you will deduce that the percentage of purity will be proportional to the price and will be paid more or less respectively.
2.- Silver: Silver works in a very similar way to gold, but it is even easier... Everything that is jewelry, cutlery, trays, coins, etc... Most of it will be 925m, which means 92'50% purity... There is also a worse quality, being 800m, that is 80%, but it is rare to see... And finally... Why not? Silver bars would be 999m or what is the same 99% purity.
3.- Diamonds: There are an infinite number of types of diamonds and it is very common to see that customers emphasize that they are holders of the Rosetta Stone... Sometimes it will be like this and many times not... How do you know if your Diamonds have value? Well, very simple... If they are extremely small, surely not, if they are old either, if they have color it will make their price lower and if they have significant impurities, that is, that they are broken inside or out they would not have value either... The diamonds that are worthy are those of the last 20-30 years at most and their price varies exponentially, that is, the small ones are worth very little and as they are larger their price shoots up considerably...
4.- Other Precious Stones: Many clients contact us wanting to sell Marine Waters, Topazes, Amethysts, Pearls, etc... When the only ones that are worth are Sapphires, Rubies or Emeralds of at least three carats of weight and of good quality... Translucent and not opaque, without treatment.
5.- Watches: We only buy gold-silver watches and also high-end ones. Regarding high-end watches, you can check for yourself if it is interesting or not on the internet by putting the model and reference number, if you see that its value is higher than 1,000€ probably it will be. But, do not expect to be paid the same price because internet prices are for sale to the public and still many are not sold...
Without further extension, I wish you a Happy New Year! This year have been tough for many, but we will continue to look forward as we have always done.
A big greeting!


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