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We begin this new year with certain evidences that we’ll highlight below so that you can prepare and avoid as much as possible the loss of purchasing power or what is the same with the money you currently have be able to buy less things...
This is due to inflation, being the systematic rise in prices that will go an unprecedented path due to the unlimited issuance of "Fiat Money" that increased even more in 2020 to be able to deal with the Covid crisis, in addition to that we are already in a very mature market since the previous crisis of 2008. According to Morgan Stanley (US Financial Multinational) they did not hesitate to indicate that in the coming years raw materials such as gold will do well, as well as Bitcoin given its scarcity and no possibility of excessive manipulation. In the end it is pure common sense that this bubble that they are creating ends up bursting somewhere and to ignore this fact is to be surprised in the future by the excessive manipulation of governments and central banks... In the end, those who will pay the duck will clearly be us, Well, unless it affects us as little as possible with good financial management.
An example of a correct investment portfolio for today, given the current situation, should be diversified in general terms, without considering your risk profile so you should consult it beforehand with your manager, in four aspects;
1) Gold by 10%: Forecast of rise, watch moment of entry.
2) Bitcoin at 10%: Forecast of rise, watch moment of entry.
3) Diversified Equity Investment Funds 40%: Correction forecast, watch.
4) Cash 40%: Incorporate it in the previous ones when there are drops.
We insist that this is an example and you shouldn’t be limited to this same table, but what is clear is that more and more investing is not about ambitious but a necessity. We hope that our advice helps you and we will gladly answer your contact whenever you have any questions...
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