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Much has happened since we talked about gold, so we will make a brief summary of this last period... As we commented in previous articles, gold has had the small correction of its price that was already expected because of the growth of optimism due to the appearance of several vaccines that they want to start to use as soon as possible, the most important being Pfizer and Moderna, which after their statements managed to blow up the stock markets.
What do we mean by this? Well, it is a good time to buy as an investment before gold resumes its upward course again... According to "Bank of America" ​​gold will go in the direction of $ 3.000, being right now close to $ 2.000, which means a growth of more than 30%.
Is it sure it will continue to rise? The truth is that it is difficult to predict exactly, but everything points to yes, first of all because the FED (United States Federal Reserve) cannot print gold, only dollars that will make it lose its value compared to gold and for On the other hand, the vaccines, although they are practically ready, still need to develop all the distribution logistics, which is not easy at all, in addition to the fact that for it to be effective it would require 70% of the population to administer it, people being very reluctant to use given the speed with which it has been developed and the lack of comprehensive trials… It usually takes 10 years to create a vaccine…
In conclusion with all the above said, our recommendation is clear to avoid risks... Those who want to buy gold at a discount, now is the ideal time to do so and for those who wish to sell... Only 50% maximum for not knowing exactly what will happen in the future and later sell the remainder speculating that the gold reaches $ 3.000. Let's not forget that gold, despite its short-term fluctuations, is still at all-time highs...
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