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The fluctuation of gold has had a quite lateral movement in the last two previous years (2017-2018) as far as quotation is concerned and therefore the purchase / sale of gold for individuals hasn’t had a notorious impact... Now, some experts speculate that this year 2019 there will be a large rise in gold, due to the current economic environment is very similar to the year 2012 where they were recorded historical highs... So far this year it’s remarkable.

Gold as a financial vehicle is used to protect particulars or companies mainly from a recessive economy, for this reason it is called refuge value... Gold have been with us for 4,000 years and it will continue... It will always have a solid value, for that reason it is recommended to keep a 10% 30% of savings destined to buy in the cycles of surplus and to sell in the cycles of recession to obtain a profitability...
It is also worth mentioning that silver, although it does not have a notorious reputation as gold, can be speculated with its fluctuation in a very similar way... And not only that... Diversifying will always be the best alternative for investments…
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