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We are already entering the second year after the appearance of Covid19 and there is still a total nonsense between financial markets and the real economy... Some experts insistently inform us that the big restart is near, but the big question is when and how will affect us all...
The logical thing is to think that sooner or later a large correction in the stock index should appear and in parallel a revaluation in raw materials, including gold, which at the moment seems to maintain its price horizontally... However, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are already reflecting those big rises continuously...
If we have been able to observe something until date, it is that the only assets that seem not to succumb to the manipulation of the great tycoons and institutions seem to be the cryptocurrencies "for now" and that it is also clearly making them somewhat nervous, this is visible by various statements that have been given by various representatives of states and banks. Little by little these are being integrated into the economy and for this reason they seem to be the future, due they facilitate their free market transparency and that is something desirable for everyone, giving greater use, but not for them... Likewise, currently it doesn’t seem that they manage to agree on how to regulate them or rather adulterate them as they do with almost everything... On the contrary, with respect to what concerns us we cannot say the same about gold, silver or even platinum unfortunately, even if they are the basis of our business... If certainly there were not the manipulation in prices that there is, its value would be well above the current one and that in fact is expected at some point its valuation is equated with the credit issued by the Central Banks, which have generated up to now a World debt between three and four times higher than what is produced annually throughout the globe...
In short, the bubble they have created is incredible how they still manage to keep it without bursting, but what is really worrying is that although the world trend is continuous growth, it is inevitable that there will be corrections mainly due to the cyclical periods that help stabilize the system and if history has taught us something, it is that nothing rises forever... What's more... The higher the rise, the greater the fall... It would be very delusional on our part to think that for the first time in history the same thing as always will not happen... Maybe this year?
Greetings to all!


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