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According to an advance by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Commission, places Spain as the worst positioned in Europe with respect to GDP and employment, with a fall of almost a quarter in the case of GDP and almost a tenth of the jobs have been lost, being the triple of the rest of Europe.
These are difficult times for everyone and the Gold Stores are no exception, even if many news mention the opposite, at least since the confinement began, followed by the de-escalation... The reality is that there has been a lot of diversity of clients compared to others years... Some have disengaged their jewelry given the lack of income, others luckily thanks to the ERTES and postponing the payment of rents have managed to liquidate their contracts and recovered their jewels, others have bought gold as an investment in the future... The volume of clients has been drastically reduced for the moment, although a progressive increase is expected as the crisis that has been left settles with the Coronavirus...
We continue to be at the forefront of how our economy develops and for on our part we’ll continue to try to support the citizen on the street to obtain the necessary resources to get ahead and, if possible, even earn money in the process, since gold continues being at historical highs with a fairly horizontal movement of the price.
Also note that gold is not the only resource of value most traded, silver, platinum, precious stones, some watches and some antiques are also a source of financing, either by selling or pawning them...
Any questions you have regarding how to obtain additional income if you are the owner of an item or items mentioned in the previous paragraph, call us and we will advise you without any commitment, our conditions are very likely better than the bank's.


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