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At the time of the publication of this article, it seems that the "Second Cold War" is beginning, Russia is apparently not willing to give in to Ukraine being part NATO and the United States is not willing to guarantee that it will not happen, but...
What is the real reason for this conflict?
Well, it basically comes down to political hegemony, since Russia in recent years has developed various projects to supply energy to Europe and improve its trade relations, considering itself a threat to American interests and clearly this enters into a power struggle.
Who wins and who loses?
The answer is very simple… the United States, since by threatening Russia with the incorporation of Ukraine into NATO, being border-to-border enemies and having a very delicate geolocation, the war was the necessary ingredient to reach the rupture of relations between Russia and Europe. Triggering a forced dependence of Europe on the United States, but obviously the collateral damage that will occur is still unpredictable.
What about gold and the markets?
When instabilities of these characteristics occur, money goes into a state of panic and for this reason there are drops in the financial markets and increases in gold purchases, since gold has always had and will have value regardless of what happens in the future world, you can always exchange it for money or you can directly buy what you need practically anywhere.
Is it a good time to sell?
If the growth curve of gold is analyzed in the last 20 years, its upward trend is clearly observed with small downward corrections at certain times. Therefore, a good sale will always be at the highest peaks, generally produced by large instabilities such as the current one, since when the situation eases, it will correct downwards again.
In the end it's very simple... Buy when everything goes well and sell when everything goes wrong, contrary to how the financial markets operate.
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