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There are many customers with various doubts about what items of value they have in their homes and although we have several sections on our website that refer to everything we touch, here we will summarize it for the public;
1) Gold: Our raw material par excellence, whose value is determined based on weight, quality and design. It is also taken into account if it is accompanied by precious stones and its condition does not matter, in the case of broken items they still have value.
2) Silver: Our second preference, although its value has nothing to do with gold, it is well above the rest of the metals. In this case, the amount matters especially and we usually talk about Kilos instead of Grams. The state is also not relevant.
3) Platinum: It is a metal that is rarely seen and for many years its value was above gold, now it’s below it, but even so it continues to have considerable value.
4) Diamonds: Although "Commercial Sizes" are used in most jewels, that is to say that even if they are diamonds they lack their own value, there are many others that do and therefore they must be taken into account. The quality, the color, the condition and the size are decisive and they must be looked at with a gemologist (specialist) who is aware of their real market value.
5) Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds: Apart from diamonds, these precious stones also stand out when their quality and size are adequate, which is rarely applied to jewelry. They are normally single and their value is determined from a size greater than 3 carats, which is the same as 10 millimeters in diameter or approximately 0.60 grams. It should be noted that the rest of the stones, such as Amethysts, Sea Waters, Topaz, etc. They are considered semi-precious and are little quoted, if not null in most cases.
6) High-End Watches: There are countless watch brands and not all of them are worth it, so our recommendation to find out if it can be interesting or not, is to find out how much your watch cost when you bought it. If the cost was less than 1,000€, it will probably be difficult to sell on the second-hand market.
This would be the list of valuable items in your home, at least as far as our sector is concerned. What are electronic devices we do not touch given their degree of price volatility.
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