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Everything you need to know to sell gold jewelry

Everything you need to know to sell gold jewelry

Are you thinking about selling your no longer used gold jewelry? Do you need quickly a good amount of money for the sale of your jewelry and gold watches? You have come to the right place then, today we are going to explain everything you need to know about in order to sell your jewelry in a totally satisfactory way and earn the money you deserve for them.

It is very important not to rush when selling your jewelry, as you could end up in an unreliable store or jewelry which will offer you less money for your precious items.

For this reason, there are several factors that we strongly you to take into account when selling gold in Barcelona (characteristics, price of gold gram, where to sale ... etc) so you can sell your items with total confidence.

Let’s begin!

Tips for selling gold jewelry in Barcelona

Analyze its value (design, brand, seniority)

First of all, you should know that your jewelry does not need to be in perfect condition, since it is likely that many of these pieces end up in a foundry or their precious stones are used in other pieces.

However, if you have quality jewelery such as antiques, high-end watches or even old gold coins, the good quality of them will increase your potential profits since it’s possible that collectors may be interested in them.

Gold taxation in a trustful place

You dont know what the real price of your jewelry is? It is highly recommended taxing your jewelry before selling it. In our pawnshop in Barcelona we are experts in the jewelry and ogld taxing giving a personalized and transparent treatment. In addition, in our jewelry store you can receive a free taxing without any commitment. If you prefer, we can also perform a remote taxing, simply contact us (through the telephone or contact form) and we will give you prices based on a series of references on your article that you can indicate to us.

Find out what the current gold gram price is

The price of gold can change according to the passage of time, so it is very important to know before selling gold pieces or jewelry the current market price. Do you want to know the price of gram of gold or silver? You can discover it here, on our page dedicated to the price of the current gold gram

Moreover, at Calabria Oro we offer you the possibility of speculating with the value of your articles thanks to the knowledge of our experts, in this way, you can get more money for your jewelry than in other stores in the area.

Sell ​​your jewelry at a trusted store

The most important thing when selling your gold pieces or valuable items is to choose a professional and reliable store. In Calabria Oro, we guarantee that in our jewelry you will find an integral service customized to your needs.

We will advise you at all times on the pricing and sale of your jewelry or gold watches, so you can get the money you deserve quickly and safely.


The sale of gold in Barcelona is being exploited more and more. As in all online transactions, we recommend selling your jewelry at a reputable and trustworthy store. If what you are looking for is where to sell gold online, in Calabria Oro sell gold online with full guarantee. We buy all kinds of gold or silver items, from antique to modern jewelry, coins, bars and watches.

Do not hesitate anymore and come and see us at our jewelry store in Barcelona!


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