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Recently in another article we have already given our opinion on how to buy jewelry at a better price, but this time we want to tell you specifically what we offer, how we work and why our offers are almost unbeatable. After 10 years of consecutive purchases from individuals, we have compiled a large number of Vintage and Classic items at a very good price, including some models that are no longer manufactured or are very difficult to find. On the other hand, since they are second-hand jewelry, it is evident in the price and in the end it is just a matter of taking a look until you find what you want. Many customers have come to our store with an idea of what they wanted to buy and end up buying something that has nothing to do with it. If you want to treat yourself or make a gift without hurting your wallet, pay attention to the following options we offer.
  • Gold jewelry: In our store, after telling us your budget and what you would like to buy, we will show you which ones might be of greatest interest to you. In addition to other similar items and we would accompany you throughout the process until your full satisfaction. If necessary, you could even end up redesigning a piece of jewelry that you liked because you would prefer to have it even more personalized, thanks to the participation of our craftsman. We have bracelets, necklaces, chains, chokers, pendants, rings and pendants of various qualities, shapes, weights and sizes.
  • Silver jewelry: In this case given that we sell very cheaply and our margin is ridiculous compared to gold jewelry. We would need you to indicate to us beforehand, either verbally or via internet images, the item you are looking for in order to show you specifically the ones we have in stock. Unlike gold, due to the question of resources and time, we cannot expand in the same way. Of course it will be really economical. For example, we have sold TOUS brand rings valued at €70 for just €10. Without a doubt, the difference is significant.
PS: We do not have a catalog, as the rotation of the jewels that are bought and sold continues. Therefore, it is necessary to show them directly in our shop and if you find the desired article, you have the option of reserving it for as long as you need.
Any questions you have do not hesitate to get in touch.
A cordial greeting!


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