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Many clients contact us to sell their precious stones and it is important to note that the only ones that are, would be the Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds. The rest are semi-precious or synthetic stones, and they have practically no value on the second-hand market unless they are set in designer jewelry or have a high-demand design. Leaving this above clear, we can now answer the following question…
How are gemstones valued?
Diamonds: It is the precious stone par excellence for this reason it is different from the rest, it is without a doubt the most used and demanded in jewelry, but despite this, not all of them have value. Basically they would be differentiated into three types.
  • Modern Cut: They are those diamonds created in recent years with machinery that manages to get very clean and uniform shapes. The most valued are mainly those that do not have color, that is, the white ones. Its value usually increases exponentially according to its size, although being very small they usually already have it.
  • Commercial Cut: These are diamonds that are cut and polished with the aim of maximizing their commercial value, instead of maximizing their brilliance and aesthetic beauty. These diamonds often cost less to produce and sell for lower prices than high-quality diamonds. Although they are expensive when bought new in jewelry, on the second hand market they are practically worthless.
  • Old Cut: As the name says, they are old diamonds that are usually characterized by having irregular shapes, since they were made by hand and not by machine. Their value is frequently lower than modern ones and if they have not been well preserved and have breaks or cracks, they are hardly valued on the second-hand market.
Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds: These precious stones would come after the diamond and their color is usually blue, red and green respectively. As an essential point, the most valued are the natural translucent ones of at least 3 carats or what is the same 0’60 grams. Those that have an opaque or dull color and are also treated have complicated marketing.
Finally we say goodbye and invite you to answer any questions you may have. If you have precious stones or think you have them and your intention is to sell them, we would be happy to appraise them without any commitment...
A cordial greeting!


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