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Starting with the invisible tax of inflation so disproportionate that it quadruples previous years, added to the fact that the tax VAT has not been modified to mitigate the price increase, but is applied percentage-wise to the increased tax bases of practically all products and services, a massive impoverishment of the citizenry is to be expected, with the result that currently 70% of households are spending more than they earn directly or indirectly... But this does not end here...
Because it has recently been announced that new taxes will be applied to energy companies and financial entities with a demagogic discourse citing that this is done so that everyone's money does not end up in the hands of a few... Totally false statement, given that these tax increases will be passed on to all its clients, among which we are obviously all of us.
This reminds us of the 5% ITP tax applied since 2020 on all gold purchases, which turned businesses like ours into collectors of money that previously belonged to our customers...
In short, and where we want to go with this article, is that by increasing taxes on companies, it implies more money that their clients will have to pay, if this successively happens in all markets and industries, it ends up becoming an increase in the cost of absolutely everything, and that finally leads to lower consumption, less money to support companies, more layoffs and ultimately recession.
These are complicated times and it is best to be aware of this in order to take a proactive attitude towards this type of future. In the following article we will give our recommendations to get ahead regardless of how bad the economy is, we hope to see you here again soon.
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