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We have written numerous articles regarding jewelry, gold, silver, precious stones and watches, but never about the crime behind these valuable items and the security measures in place to try to avoid purchase/sales from reception. On this occasion we want to share with the reader all our knowledge regarding this topic, having compiled a lot of information from the experiences of our clients.
The purpose is to try to prevent bad experiences and those who are already immersed in some of them to be realistic with their situation. The following points are those that we have considered most important:
1.- First of all, try to prevent the exhibition is fundamental, you never know who may be watching you or who you could cross paths with. If you still want to display valuable items, at least do so in places where they don't have a bad reputation.
2.- All valuable items that do not have a reference, it would be necessary to verify or include their distinction for a simple reason. It is the only way to recover them in the event of theft or loss, since sales stores like ours are required to record a detailed description of each item presented, as well as the identification of the person who sells them. Subsequently, all the documentation is presented to the police to be contrasted with the complaints they have.
3.- If you have been robbed or have lost an item of value that can be identified as we have indicated in the previous point, report it as soon as possible... Stores have the obligation to guard all the jewelry that has been sold for a period of 15 days, agility in this situation is essential.
4.- There are various criminal groups that even become specialists in both the identification and usurpation of luxury goods, whether in homes or on the street. Many times they know very well what they are doing and therefore we recommend security systems such as safes or alarms in homes and about robberies in the street, keep in mind where you walk, with who you’re accompanied and know who is around in order to try to save yourself a lot of trouble. It isn’t about going through life in fear either, but yes careful, although it’s something obvious, it’s not and some of our clients have signaled this to us by pointing out that they were caught off guard.
5.- If you have been robbed by an amateur who has decided to sell in a gold store or similar company and you have made the complaint, the work of the police will be carried out to retain the items and return them to you as soon as possible, but on the contrary, if the job has been done by professionals, generally they have their own ways of selling without going through the obligatory records of the stores, in that case, their recovery would be very complicated. The authorities dedicate a lot of resources to dismantling these organizations, as recently happened this last month of March 2022 in three stores in Barcelona, ​​but unfortunately there will probably continue to be more. However, at least it will be increasingly difficult for them to sell them without being intercepted.
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